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A Darker Shade of Magic
V.E. Schwab
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Julie Kagawa
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And I Darken
Kiersten White
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Reading progress update: I've read 65%.

— feeling ashamed
A Darker Shade of Magic - V.E. Schwab

Overall want to love this book, it's very well written but I just can't get into it. I've put it down for a night ill try again tomorrow I think I just got myself to hyped for this and am disappointing myself.

Reading progress update: I've read 143 out of 384 pages.

Where I Lost Her - T. Greenwood

I expected this to be dark with a little girl lost in the woods no one knows is missing but crap I thought I saw everything that was coming. Boy was I wrong.

Something in Between - Melissa  de la Cruz

I try not to buy ebooks to much anymore because it doesn't provide as many jobs as actual books but this sale was to good to pass up. I got Sometime in Between for only 99 cent.

Shocking and dark

— feeling shocked
Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

I did go into this book knowing it was going to push buttons but still found myself horrified and fascinated. 


This book does push the limits on the dark side of high school but it completely believable, it reminds us that we all turned a blind eye at one time and didn't realise how much damage it may have caused. 


I absolutely loved this book it was not perfectly written but still kept me hooked. I was surprised it was so well layer out for a new author and sad it's set on my shelf so long unread. 

Reading progress update: I've read 10%.

Talon - Julie Kagawa

Oops wrong book! I think I mistook this cover for something else I had seen on book tube when I requested it from the library. Not sure how I feel yet it seems to make odd jumps between characters and storylines. I think I'll read for a bit more and we will see.

Royalty with a touch of magic

The White Queen - Philippa Gregory

Gregory has done it again, she's written another series I'm going to fall in love with. The York family is not a royal family I know a lot about so it was easy for me to separate myself from fact and fall into this slightly mythical world. King Edward can't help but fall in love with a young widow despite the rumors of the family's Witchcraft.  This is a story about a mother that loves deep and will do whatever it takes to protect her family from anyone who will threaten the life she is building for them.




This was a very detailed story, that pulled me right into there world. I found myself loving the queen and cheering for her family all through there trials of life. It's been awhile since I've read a story I can't seem to put down. I highly suggest the book and mini series.

Reading progress update: I've read 370 out of 408 pages.

The White Queen - Philippa Gregory

Addicting, I can't seem to get enough.

Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward

Honestly it's just the same old trashy vampire novel I always love and can't get enough of. I will always love Wards twist on a vampire world. I am so glad that she keeps introducing new characters and now new species to keep the series from getting dull. I do suggest reading this series to any vampire fan.

Bye bye reading slump

To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han

A very   cute read just what I needed to pull me out of my reading slump. Very believable and packed with teenage drama. You will love the Song girls and want to be part of there world. Han builds a world that just makes you feel like your back in high school surrounded by the girls and there friends.

Winter reading

I just love reading wintery sweet and sugary books at the holiday. There's nothing like a good fluff book while u warm my toes by the fire. Do you read certain books at this time of year. I am one of those crazy Christmas obsessed people so really this should not come as any surprise.




Sometimes love surprises us

P.S. I Like You - Kasie West

This book was very predictable bit it still pulled me in. I read it in a little over three hours and found it has me liking contemporaries. Funny, realistic, and whitty. This book was honestly fluff but it left me felling warm and fuzzy and pulled me out of my reading slump.

Everything"s Amazing

Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon

What would you do if you where so sick you had to live in a bubble. The only real human contact you have is with your mom and your nurse. One day a cute boy moves in next door and he wants to be your friend but you are stuck in your bubble house. What would you do?



This book was amazing start to finish. While yes it did remind me of a old John Travolta movie the story line is fresh. You never really know what she is going to next. well thought out and executed. It will not leave you bored. Her drawings and dialogue made me feel like I was right there with the. I highly suggest if you like contemporaries and teenage love stories it will not disappoint.

Hardcore Chick Camp

Lumberjanes Vol. 1  - Brooke Allen, Grace Ellis,  Noelle Stevenson

Quick Little GN about friendship, and standing up for one another. A group of girls are at a summer camp for hard core chicks when some strange things start happening and they have to defend one another.



It was a super quick book I would have liked a little more but it does show promise. The girls are awesome and the concept is great, I will continue on to see if they get better.

I got my list together for #BorrowAThon. I'm starting today with everything everything. Join us on Twitter today for the week Ling readathon.

I loved doing this for Halloween join us for are winter swap.

Cozy Up Swap 2016

Reblogged from Jessica (HDB):


Our first box swap of 2016 was a success!


We had 7 participants, and I think everyone was pretty darn happy with what they received from one another. It's a lot of fun to shop, and equally as fun to receive!


So much fun, in fact, that we're doing it again.


Come on over and join us if you'd like to be part of the Cozy Up Swap!


All things cozy, comfy, and bookish are totally allowed.

Reading progress update: I've read 90 out of 352 pages.

Spell Bound - Kelley Armstrong

So I love Kelley Armstrong but I am officially dnf this book after to failed months of reading it. I just keep hitting a brick wall with it. Maybe I will pick it up again at the end of next month. Sorry Kelley hour still my favorite but this one just does not work for me.