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What would it be like to have a love slave?

Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Love slave, it sounds like every girls dream right? Sex all day having a man at your beak and call to please you. It all sounds great but what about the man who has to serve your every whim does he enjoy it? What if hes been doing it for thousands of years. Would it make him happy or leave him broken?


Grace Alexandria thinks about none of these things when one drunken night when she conjures Julian of Macedon on a whim goofing around. She did not really mean to do it, now shes doing everything she can to make him happy and a little less broken while she tries to find a way to free him.




A tried and true romance filled with gods and demigods. This book is such a guilty pleasure  read for me.Its not a dark hunter novel but I always suggest it if you plan on reading the series, it is kinda a companion/ prequel.This book is what it is, a quick down and dirty romance with lots of fluff and a paranormal backdrop but I love the character and always enjoy reading it.